Over 40 courses to unlock

From Snocross tracks to vast snow-covered mountains, experience the thrill of racing so fast you can feel the spray of the snow.

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22 stunts to perfect

Perform every stunt from the “Superman” to the “No Footer” on any of the vast courses. Then take your customized character online to show off all of your new stunts.

  • Superman

    To do this trick you have to take both off of the snowmobile and extend them outwards to resemble Superman in flight.

  • No foot Nac Nac

    While in the air, take both of your feet off the snowmobile, and extend your legs up and back to the side of your body. The one is a crowd pleaser!

  • No footer

    For this trick, get some good air, tuck your body towards the handlebars and fly through the air with no feet on the snowmobile!


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